Our Mission

The Company’s mission is to educate the youth by advancing knowledge and training on the fourth industrial revolution and the technologies driving it; to help them acquire and effectively apply the knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary to thrive through the future.

Our Vision

Our vision is to have a generation of leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs who are conversant with technology and use it to create employment, empower communities and generate wealth in an era of disruptive technology through our activities”

What We Do

We are a youth organization working to provide the youth with opportunities for education, exposure and networking on the fourth industrial revolution and to provide them with tools to thrive in an era of disruptive technology in order to prepare them for the future of work and transform them into assets for their countries.

We have vivid understanding about who we are as youth and what is expected from us in our family, society, region and country. We are different from any known youth organisation because of the thorough understanding of the problem we are looking to solve.

It is our own problem and since we understand the root course, we are able to develop a strategy that will help us fix this problem in a very unique way that most organisations are unable because they have not been in the problem and the state of things.

With our understanding and proposed way of addressing these problems, we will be able to drastically reduce the causes of the problems and even calves some solutions that does not only address the issues of today but of tomorrow.

What We Do Extended

We provide the youth with real time know-how of all emerging technologies of the 4th industrial revolution and help bridge the gap between education, work whilst encouraging cultural diversity. We help build the foundation of youth with solid and unbreakable blocks to foster growth and sustainable development.

We introduce youths to the emerging technologies, provide a platform where they can Engage with activities that are parallel to the growth rate of those technologies such that they match the needs of the hour, depending on individual / group areas of interest and will be able to utilise it whilst mastering and getting experience which they will never have in class or the traditional education.

By bridging the gap between education and work, we take the approach of educating the youth to provide them with relevant and updated information and skills which can help them fit into society to the extent that we can even get some youth starting companies that will actually make social impact.